Warehouses & Units

From small industrial units to expansive distribution centres, PSM Decorators have the skills, expertise and experience to complete your project on-time and under budget.

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Whether your project is an airport, dock, railway station or car dealership, PSM decorators will work hand in hand with you to ensure that the finishes and results exceed expectation

Case Studies


The prospect of decorating a power station or water treatment plant may be daunting for many contractors. PSM decorators take projects like these in their stride.

Case Studies

Specialist Finishes

Many new build industrial projects now require that specialist coatings are applied to structural steelwork. PSM Decorators can work to exacting specifications.

Case Studies
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Planning. Delivery. Management.

Our  industrial team manages and delivers the decoration and re-decoration of all industrial property, large and small. Whether we need to schedule the works over a period, to cater for the movement of large amounts of stock or machinery or if we need to deploy a large scale team over a short period to keep the disruption to a minimum. We work out of hours wherever necessary.

Time always means money for our customers and off course, when planning to tight schedule, there is always the potential that things have to be changed at short notice. One of our strengths is putting safeguards in place. If the weather gets in the way, we know it’s our problem, nobody else’s. If we need to use quick drying paint to match the scenario, we’ll plan that in advance.

  • Cost

    Reducing costs by delivering results with formal durability guarantees

  • Planning

    Planning for tight schedules and problems

  • Solutions

    Completing the job without causing disruption or downtime.

  • Image

    Projecting a professional image to customers and other visitors

  • H&S

    Improving health and safety standards.

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